Murphy’s Memories Photography is a home-based studio, located in Statesville, NC. We offer photography services in the Statesville and surrounding areas. We don’t mind a little travel, and we have several clients who travel a little to see us too!

I, Amy Murphy, am the owner and photographer for Murphy’s Memories. Owning my own portrait studio was a dream of mine for a LONG time before I finally got up enough courage to finally take the leap, and boy am I glad I did! Starting just over 10 years ago, I spent a little while taking photography as a major in college, and even more time managing a chain portrait studio, but it was nothing compared to being able to be my own artist! I originally wanted to only shoot weddings, to experience the love that I was feeling myself with my husband more and more through other couples happiness and excitement. But after working with kids, and being around them most of my life, I just couldn’t resist!

Brad and I were married after 5 years of dating, and about 2 years later we welcomed our beautiful daughter Mackenzie in 2005. So by 2007, I had taken about a billion pictures, and had spent about a billion more dollars trying to find a “perfect studio” to take Kenzie to be photographed, I decided to leap and go after my dreams. My husband was very supportive and even gave up his garage for me… a pretty hard task for a guy who LOVES to work on things! And thus began Murphy’s Memories Photography!

Now in 2010, nearly 4 years later, we've added another daughter, Kaitlyn, and a son, Emmett, and I am SO happy to be where I am! I get to watch my children grow every day, learning new things, and I get to live my dream as a photographer at the same time!

I love babies and children, and I love just as much seeing them grow in their mommy’s belly. I love watching them grow and change and mature and start school! I love seeing couples in love, and experiencing that first hand at their weddings and through their engagement portraits. And seeing them start a family.

I understand more than ever how important it is in your choice of a photographer, and the importance of finding one that you can relax and be comfortable talking with… someone who will listen to your ideas, share a few of their own, and create images that will make you smile, cry or that will take your breath away (and sometimes all three)!

Being a wife and a mom, I understand the costs that are typically involved in a private portrait session, and strive to provide top-quality, beautiful yet affordable portraits to all clients! I look forward to working with you, to talking with you, and to being your photographer!

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